If a hunt of this type is something new for you, following is a list of necessities you might find helpful in determining what to bring along.

  • Sleeping bag, one equal to a five pound hollofill;
  • a pair of rubber boots (felt liners are good);
  • a pair of leather boots for dry weather hunting;
  • Slippers for around camp;
  • Raingear; Parka;
  • one pair of heavy gloves or mittens;
  • Two pair light gloves (Jersey gloves work well);
  • Cap with ear flaps;
  • Wool pants and shirt;
  • Long underwear;
  • Light wool jacket;
  • Socks for ten days;
  • Neckerchef; Towels;
  • Wash cloths; Soap;
  • Chapstick;
  • Flashlight;
  • Camera and Film.

- It is important to not wear nylon, or canvas clothing because of the noise factor.Well worn jeans or woolen clothing is essential. Your duffel bag should be approximately the size of the army duffel bag, but have a side zipper. Montana law requires that you wear no less than 400 square inches of florescent orange while hunting.

Pack all your belongings in a stout, waterproof duffel bag, preferable size 30" to 36" x 14". Plastic garbage bags may be used as duffel bag liner. Smaller plastic bags are handy to pack articles and keep clothes clean, dry and organized. Please limit yourself to 30 pounds or less, distributed between one or two duffel bags as this gear is handled many times during the course of the trip. It also allows us to estimate the number of stock needed for the pack trip which is limited by Forest Service regulation.