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Trophy Bull Elk harvested in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

7 Lazy P Outfitting offers a wide variety of hunting opportunities. From traditional pack-in wilderness hunts, to lodge and private land hunts, we can accommodate your hunting desires. We consider our hunting operation and crew, first class. From experienced licensed guides, to chefs and packers, our crew members are our biggest asset and are proudly committed to the ethics of the outdoors and the profession. We offer dedicated, friendly service to make your hunting trip a first class, memorable experience. To hunt big game on their own terms, in their own habitat is truly challenging, yet immensely rewarding. The Bob Marshall Wilderness and Rocky Mountain Front is native habitat to elk, mule deer, big horn sheep, mountain goats, grizzly and black bear, whitetail deer, and many other species. This diverse landscape offers a mosaic of hunting opportunities. In hunting with 7 Lazy P, you will find great accommodations, experience the solitude of wild country and the challenge of a fair chase hunt.


ARCHERY, EARLY BUGLE SEASON RIFLE, and the HIGH DIVIDE HUNTS represent the time honored classic western wilderness hunts. Our excellent stock and crew will take you and your gear by experienced mountain horse and mule train to our permitted wilderness camps. Hunting is done on foot, the stock help to extend our range into different areas. A traditional full-service hunting experience.

pack-in wilderness
Hunts include ARCHERY, EARLY BUGLE SEASON RIFLE, and the HIGH DIVIDE HUNTS.  These hunts represent the time honored classic western wilderness hunts.  Our excellent stock and crew will take you and your gear by experienced mountain horse and mule train to our permitted camps in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. High quality equipment and excellent backcountry meals make for a comfortable experience as you build camaraderie with others with a common interest of hunting big game on their own terms in a magnificent landscape.

general season

Hunts for quality mule deer are based out of  the 7 Lazy P lodge.  We ride out to locations and then hunt on foot.  This is not a freezer filling hunt.  We seek 170”+ deer.  We hope this disciplined approach will be contagious for the sake of the mule deer. Experience the atmosphere of the historic 7 Lazy P lodge, aroma of quality meals, and build friendships with fellow hunters and crew.

private land
Hunts for mule deer, whitetail, and archery elk are available on a limited basis.  Access to quality game on private land is a unique opportunity.  Base out of the 7 Lazy P lodge.  These hunts will all be one on one guided hunts.

special draw
hunts can be accomplished with 7 Lazy P for species such as bighorn sheep, mountain goats and moose.  We are familiar with the area and hunting districts and may be able to improve your chances of locating, retrieving, and professionally caring for your trophy.



September 1-8


An 8 day traditional pack-in wilderness archery hunt.  2 hunters to 1 guide with a maximum of 6 hunters.  A cook, dedicated to exquisite meals, and a packer to look after the stock and camp and to pack out any game,  will round out the crew.  Excellent opportunity to hunt one of Montana's largest wild elk herds.  This hunt departs right from the lodge for a 13 mile ride to a clean, comfortable camp.


September 1-8


An economical, unguided 8 day hunt.  Pack-in to a traditional wilderness camp with a packer and cook.  A maximum of 6 hunters. A nice, comfortable camp.  

bugle season rifle hunt

September 14-22
September 25-October 3


Our flagship 9 day pack-in wilderness hunt during the rut.  Ride 25 miles to a remote, traditional camp while the mules pack your gear.  2 hunters to 1 guide with a maximum of 6 hunters per trip.  The crew includes the guides, a packer, and a backcountry chef with the cook tent being the hub of camp.  Excellent camp and equipment.  To hunt rutting elk and mule deer in the Bob is an incredible experience.  2 hunts are offered at this location.

basin creek
bugle season rifle hunt

September 14-22
September 25- October 3


This hunt is similar to the Switchback camp but is a 13 mile ride to a traditional camp.  A 2 on 1 guided hunt for rutting elk and mule deer.  A maximum of 6 hunters per trip.  Excellent crew, stock, equipment, food and service. 2 hunts offered.

high divide hunt

October 7-14


A unique one on one guided  hunt for elk and mule deer.  2 hunters and 2 guides will be packed into a no-frills camp approximately 7 miles.  All hunting will be done on foot.  There will be a full-time cook.  This is a rigorous, physically challenging hunt in difficult terrain, but great opportunity for quality mule deer and elk exists.  Maximum of 2 hunters.  A unique, challenging hunt.

general season mule deer

October 21-27  and October 30-November 4


$3500/person for 2:1 guided

Hunt for quality mule deer from the 7 Lazy P lodge. Stay is a comfortable cabin and enjoy the atmosphere of the historic 7 Lazy P.  Ride or hike to a different area every day, seeking 170”+ mule deer.  This is a trophy hunt with lots of area to hunt.

private land

Call or contact us for details and availability in November.

special draw

Call or contact us for details and availability.

When planning your hunt, you need to arrive the day before your trip dates and plan to depart the day after the last hunt date of your trip.  
We look forward to helping you fulfill the hunt of your dreams!

booking policy and hunting ethics with 7 lazy P

Booking your hunt requires a 50% deposit.  The balance will be due on your arrival.  If paying with credit card, there will be a 2% fee added.  The trip dates listed on all trips are the actual hunt dates.  Plan to arrive the day before your trip and depart the day after.  Lodging and meals for these days are included in the price of the trip. Licensing, processing, and shipping of game are not included in the trip price.  We recommend a 15% gratuity to be distributed evenly among the crew.

Licenses are available through the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website. March 15 is the deadline to apply for non-resident licenses. Special draw licenses have varying deadlines.

The nearest airport is Great Falls, Montana and we will provide transportation to and from Great Falls.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  7 Lazy P has a “one and done” policy.  We will do our level best to get you into the best position possible for a clean, effective shot.  However, if an animal is, through obvious observation or in the opinion of the guide, “hit”, that is your animal for the hunt.  We will make every effort to recover your animal, but they are a very finite resource and we feel this is the proper choice to make.  Also, because of the many horseback miles required, we cannot accommodate hunters who weigh in excess of 250 lbs. on our pack-in hunts.